Manage Users on Dashboard

How to manage your users through the Dashboard

Follow these steps below:

How to manage a Pending user

We want your users up and going! If they are still in pending status, click the three dots at the end of the users line - it will give you the option to delete the user or resend their welcome email.

How to manage a Active User

Your options with an active user are to delete or suspend their license by clicking the three dots at the end of the users line.

How to manage a Suspended User - Prepaid Accounts

For prepaid accounts there is no need to suspend a user, just delete the user and the license will go back into your count to reassign at any time.

How to manage a Suspended User - Paid Accounts

For pay-as-you-go/credit card accounts if an employee leaves, you can suspend their account to stop use. When a new employee starts, you can then r eassign this existing license to them by editing the new user details.

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